The name says it all! Get shot up over 150 feet into the sky at over 90mph. Freefall back to Earth while performing breathtaking inversions.  Will you have the air left in you to scream?  Ready… aim… launch!

LUNACARD2012 new2 22 Credits

min height to ride 44"

Don't forget to purchase the video of your SLING SHOT experience after the ride!!

*Not Included on Wristband


The father of America’s roller-coaster revolution, and the big momma of Coney Island. The Cyclone made its debut on June 26, 1927. Start with a 85 foot tall, 60 degree drop and then shake, rattle and roll through 6 turn-arounds and 8 more drops. After you get swept away by the world famous Cyclone stop by our souvenir shop for a ride photo and an Official Cyclone T-shirt.

LUNACARD2012 new2 9 Credits

 min height to ride 54"

*Not included on Wristband


Can you do a somersault? How about a somersault along the shores of Coney Island? Still not crazy enough for you? Do it while getting swept through the air at 60 mph… over and over again.  Three words: HEAD OVER HEELS!

LUNACARD2012 new2 12 Credits

min height to ride 52"  

*Not Included on Wristband

Boardwalk Flight

Take flight over the Atlantic Ocean at heights of over 200 feet. Not thrilling enough? Try it at over 60 mph! This Sky-Coaster will propel you mid-air giving you a sky-diving sensation.

LUNACARD2012 new2 12 Credits

min height to ride is 42"

*Not Included on Wristband. 

Coney Island Raceway

Ready, Set, Go! Jump aboard one of our go-karts for an authentic racing experience. Speed on 900 feet of track with switchback and hairpin curves, and be the first to cross the finish line!

LUNACARD2012 new2 10/5 Credits

min height to ride(as passenger) 40”

min height to ride (as driver) 56”

*Not included on wristband.