Cyclone Rollercoaster Charity Coasterthon


In honor of the Cyclone’s 85th Birthday, Central Amusement International (CAI) and The Cyclone Roller Coaster will be hosting the First Cyclone Charity Coasterthon.

Twelve different non-profit organizations will have an opportunity to ride the Cyclone Roller Coaster marathon-style to raise money in support of their respective mission. Each participating organization will be given one row (two seats) on the Cyclone and it will be up to the participating organizations to leverage these seats to maximize contributions. Each organization will have two riders (over the age of 18) who will have the opportunity to individually generate contributions for every ride cycle that is completed. On behalf of Central Amusement International, the charity with a representative who stays on the Cyclone the longest will receive the Grand Prize of $24,000.

We are very excited to announce the non-profit organizations that will be taking part so far: 

  1. You gotta believe
  2. Alzheimer Association
  3. Special Olympics NYC
  4. New York Cares
  5. Sean Casey Animal Rescue
  6. American Cancer Society
  7. Give Kids the World
  8. Wildlife Conservation
  9. YSOP

If interested please contact: events@caiparks.com

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